Thursday, 24 March 2011

Empower of the School Drop out Adolescent Girls


Centre for Girls & Interaction  (CEGI) is a non-profit making organization, primarily concerned with creating access to information on girls  and young women rights or related issues through interaction, advocacy, documentation, education, networking  for positive change.

Background and Rational of the Project:
The recent needs assessment and community consultations shows that in Northern region 23% population is aged between 10-18. Among this group about 50% are girls’ child. Over the next decade these drop out Adolescent girl will enter their prime reproductive years. Northern region is a conservative region, where strong ‘traditional understanding’ influences the rural people. Here female suffers from discrimination throughout their life and adolescent girls suffer the most.  Most families invest in male children, neglecting the girl children. Due to drop out from school the Adolescent Girl passing their time without work. They loss as well as higher education then   life-related knowledge like health, nutrition, child rights etc. The poor and illiterate parents think that they are burden in family and try to give early marriage. Sometime the School Drop out Adolescent Girl of poor family joins another family as maid servant. Due to poor knowledge on health issues and lack of knowledge sometime they are physical trafficked and abused by the family member. Moreover, now days, this type of girls are being suffering from teasing. As a result a number of adolescent girls commit get early marriage, abused by family or friends and sometime they think of committing suicide.  Keeping the view in mind CEGI is intended to undertake the above mentioned project to reduce the issues. 
Title of Proposed Project
Empower of 300 School Drop-out Adolescent Girl in selected districtS of northern of Malawi 

The overall objectives of the project are:
·      To raise awareness among Drop-out Adolescent Girls regarding their rights, health, social and environmental issue
  • To develop School Drop-out Adolescent Girls leaders in the community
  • To empower School Drop-out Adolescent Girls through providing livelihood training and job opportunities
  • To reduce dowry in the community
  • To reduce early marriage in the community
  • To reduce gender based violence through information sharing
Project Implementation Area:
Kawalazi, Kavuzi, Pundu, Malivenji, Enyezini, Matuli, Enukweni and Masasa villages in Nkhat bay and Mzimba Districts.

Project Duration:
12 Months project

The Major Activities of the Proposed Project

  • Identification of School Drop out Adolescent girl
  • Replacing in Training Centers
  • Awareness Raising Activities
  • Need Assessment / IGA Selection
  • Provide Skills Training
  • Provide IGA Support
  • Providing Marketing support
  • Follow-up & Monitoring
Total project cost
US $ 22,668     
MK 3, 400,250.00
Potential partners
Community schools and Health Centers
The school will host the workshop and help recruit participants, the health centre will provide support and workshop assistance. Both these partners see how this project benefits their organization and the community.

Northern Youth Network (NYN)
Northern Youth Network will provide technical and fundraising support and identification of other needs


Pearson Malisau
Northern Youth Network